Many different religions are practiced all throughout Ekalis, although they all worship the same gods, only with different names and different hierarchies.

Here is a list of the major gods(By their primary names) and their respective domains:

  • Arkantothesis–The Sun, Light, Truth, Mercy, Justice
  • Amne–The Sea, Monsters, Stubbornness, Prophecy
  • Raklir–Storms, The Sky
  • Lian–Plants, Nature, The Wilds, Beasts
  • Melmonia–Love, Marriage, Fertility
  • Vampyrus–Darkness, Shadows, Death, Pain, Dungeons, Locks, Lies
  • Tranicatith–Freedom, Madness, Balance
  • Ekatsim–The Rift, Mistakes
  • Ecnef–The Moon, Prophecy
  • Poseidon–The Sea, Earthquakes, Storms
  • Neptune–The Sea, Monsters
  • Arienus–The Sky, Predictability, Truth
  • Hynem–The Stars, Loneliness, Solitude
  • Siachra–War, Destruction, Anger
  • Aksil–Fear, Darkness
  • Laes–Knowledge, Wisdom
  • HKhan–Runes, Writing, Intelligence
  • Hadra–Truth, Order, Medicine
  • Phalor–The Wind, The Sky
  • Reklet–Forgery, Fire, Metal, Stubborness
  • Nysra–Cold, Snow, Ice, Soldiers

There are of course many more but they are all so minor they are not usually bothered with.


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