Ekalis is a vastly diverse world, full of sorcery and strange creatures. It is a dangerous place at best, and if you don't meet your end against a fearsome monster, you will likely fall victim to disease or war. 

The world is divided into four main continents, Aeachus, Eakarth, Xchai, and Hurarl, as well as many small islands. These continents are divided into many small empires, who fight amongst each other often. Also spread across the world, there are the deadly Wilds: Thalend, Rusch, Fester and large sections of Aëachus. 

The powerhouses of the world are the militarist Slaytroya, a ruthless empire spanning almost a third of Eakarth; the diplomatic Orælian, a kind people who keep to themselves; the hardy Oratheon, who do not care for the affairs of the world around them; and the mighty Jadra, who's Golden Emperor commands legions of Genies. 

Many wars are fought between the countries of the world, however they mostly stay to their own continents, and it is rare that an inter-continental war takes place. 

Vicious monsters prowl the world, tearing apart many a would-be adventurer and soldier. 

You have all been contacted in your dreams by the mad freedom god, Tranicatith. Your task is to retrieve the five world key fragments, then meet Tranicatith in Rusch. 


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