The Beginning

The party began in Eurik, the city of the ragged, and set out on horseback for Galthan, where Grand Mage Urn resides, as Tranicatith had assured them that he possessed a World Key Fragment. The party encountered a bandit caravan, and, after fighting them off, took the caravan for themselves. They stopped at Alpis, a small mountain town, for supplies and sleep, but, after picking a fight with the barkeeper, burned down the village and left at full speed. Arriving at Galthan, the party realised that the World Key Fragment that Grand Mage Urn had possessed was missing. They then had a vision of Tranicatith, who gifted them a magic map showing the locations of all five fragments. 

They went in search of the nearest, in the Elmwood, and after persuading Lord Raven to give it to them, left in search of the second. They reached Hawklor, a large port town, and stole a boat to travel to Thalend. They reached Nal, where they slept for a night, and set off again. The party then encountered a large pirate ship, whom they defeated and took over, and arrived in Valhurst the next day.


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