Plains Troll

Plains Trolls are among the largest and most fearsome of the trolls, roaming the grasslands in search of prey. They are generally avoided more than other trolls, as a Plains Troll is more likely to attack. Plains Trolls are aggressive by nature, and even if confronted by a larger creature or troll, the Plains Troll will stand its ground, even if it means death. To a Plains Troll, to flee is to die.

Diet and Hunting

Plains Trolls roam grasslands, seeking prey by their excellent eyesight. Once the quarry(Usually a Human, Halfling, or large animal) has been spotted, the Plains Troll will chase it for miles until the creature collapses from exhaustion. With the superior stamina and strength the troll possesses, it is an easy task. The Plains Troll moves fast, and can run at full speed for days without stopping, an impressive feat for any creature. The troll will then batter the creature with its huge fists until the meat is thoroughly tenderized, the drag it off to eat on the move. 


Plains Trolls are among the largest of trolls, ranging from around 9-11 meters in height. Their skin is a dirty beige, and thick, like leather. They have many large teeth, though these are rounded. The troll manages without sharpened teeth as it uses it's physical might to pull apart the meat, then grind it in the mouth. The troll is humanoid, and has a thick layer of dark hair on its back. 


The Plains Troll lives only in grasslands, primarily those of Rusch and Fester, though they have been sighted in places as far west as Lorimere and Weilroda. It has been concluded that they live primarily in western and central Eakarth. The Plains Troll prefers hot conditions, and thus doesn't live in Slaytroya or anywhere further north. It is possible that they are also on Aeachus, mostly Oraelian.


Plains Trolls are very aggressive creatures, and don't react well when they encounter a creature of similar size, such as another Plains Troll. They will nearly always attack anything they come across, whether it be a lone Dwarf or a small Giant. Plains Trolls will never run from a fight, and have been known to follow a larger creature until an opportunity to attack presents itself.


Plains Trolls, not being the smartest of trolls, can't speak. They are also solitary creatures, so there is no need for communication amongst their own species. However, sometimes a King Troll will use vague grunts and hand gestures to get a Plains Troll to understand.


The biggest threat to a Plains Troll is another Plains Troll. The two can fight for weeks without one defeating the other, and the battles often end with both trolls dead. Sometimes, the roars of the fighting trolls attract other Plains Trolls, and on occasion, a territorial scuffle can become a full blown troll war.

Plains Troll

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