Trolls are found all over Ekalis, and vary greatly depending on where they live and hunt. Some live on the same patch of land their entire life, and defend it viciously. Others roam the wilds in search of food, and some lurk in underground caverns. Regardless of what kind of troll it is, they all share one thing: A lack of intelligence and a willingness to kill.


Trolls fit into several subspecies, most named for the environment they live in:

Diet and Hunting

Most trolls are purely carnivorous, eating whatever creature is unlucky enough to get in their way. However, they all hunt very differently. Some trolls are ambush hunters, lying in wait for their prey, like the Swamp Troll, and others are excellent stalkers, like the Forest Troll. Some rely on luck to find prey, like the Plains Troll, and some have learned popular trade routes to hunt, such as the Mountain Troll. Regardless of the hunting method, all trolls hunt with ruthless efficiency. A troll's prey depends purely on its species, with trolls preying on humans and dwarves in some cases, and halflings and deer in others. In fact, the Aye Troll is a herbivore, and scavenges forests for fungi and roots.


Trolls vary greatly in appearance and size, ranging from 6-10 meters in height. A troll's skin varies from beige to grey to green, sometimes smooth, other times rough and thick. Some species of troll have long claws and teeth, while others, the Plains Troll for example, rely on fists and feet.


Trolls are generally aggressive creatures, attacking anything that may pose a threat to them, or killing and eating anything that gets in their way. However, some trolls are more passive, and won't immediately attack a creature they come across.


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